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Radio History

You might know that radio was invented by "Invention" Markoni. He sent the first radio message from England to America. It is believed to be the beginning of radio but was sent a message through Radio Broadcasting by Reginald Fessenden, a Canadian scientist.

On December 24, 1906, Fesenden played the violin and transmitted it through radio waves Radio Rays to ships floating in the Atlanta Ocean. Later, radio radio was used in Nosena, but its use was limited to the use of armies only. During the First World War, radio use was outlawed by non-armies.

The world's first radio station originated in New York in 1918 in New York. Lee The Forest started this radio station Radio Station but it was stopped after the police came to know. The radio ban was lifted in November 1920.

Nariman was arrested on 12 November 1942, after which this radio station was closed. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's slogan "Tum mujhe khoon do me tumhe freedom" was broadcast from Germany. Even after independence, licenses had to be taken to keep radio.

Today radio has taken the shape of FM and for this reason is still maintaining its identity. Friends radio played an important role in the independence of India and many Revolutionary slogans and addresses were given by it.

Essay on Radio

Man has always entertained himself. He went on a new quest for peace of mind. Scientists compete to make new inventions. Man made nature a toy in his hand. Today, everything made of electricity in the house is a miracle of scientific invention.

Radio is also one of those inventions. Both Marconi of Italy and Jagdish Chandra Basu of India attempted to send sound waves from one place to another. Marconi got success in 1901 when he sent a news from England to New Zealand.

Jagdish Chandra Basu attempted this on a small scale in 1859. Paratantra India could not give any significant place to their discovery and they fell behind in this scientific race and Marconi became immortal. India's first radio station was established in 1927 and today there are many radio stations in every province. How does the sound of radio reach us? It has a process - First, the All India Radio Center converts sound into electric waves by electricity.
These waves are then released into the sky. Radio receivers catch these waves and listeners can listen to the desired program by pressing the radio button. There are many types of radios, but mainly we can classify them into three parts - local, all India and related to abroad.

Only special programs are available on local radio, all-India programs on All India Radio and foreign programs are heard from foreign radio. There is a needle inside the radio which is rotated with the help of a button. Which connects to that center and the sound starts coming.

Radio has many benefits. The latest news of the country and abroad is known from home. Cricket is in England and the eyes are seen alternately in Hindi and English. Apart from this, old new film songs, conversations with artists, classical music, drama, important talks, women's home programs, in which they are given information about cooking methods, clothing care, home remedies etc.

Bengali Famous Radio Show Sunday Suspense

The show Sunday Suspense is a well known Radio Drama appear in the Bengali language facilitated on 98.3 Radio Mirchi Kolkata. This famous Radio show was first disclosed on 28 June 2009 focusing on the Bengali People with their Suspense Stories. This Show is renowned for its Horror, Crime, Detective, Ghost, and Supernatural stories by the Radio Channel. Sunday Suspense Download

The show is truly contacting and sensible as a result of its audio cues. In Radio, it's hard to make such an unreasonable sensible show since individuals just can tune in to that appear yet this show made everything and won the's listenerextremely upset.

Such a significant number of well known Bengali specialists additionally made their commitment by facilitating this amazing show all the more viably like, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Mir Afsar Ali, Bratya Basu, Paran Bandopadhyay, Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Sreelekha Mitra, Sunil Gangopadhyay, Urmimala Bose, Soumitra Chattopadhyay, and others. The First Episode of this show was 'Septopas Er Khide' [সেপ্টোপাসের খিদে] which was composed by well known Bengali author Satyajit Ray.

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